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The motor is mounted on the end-effector just ahead of the welding torch and covers a ninety degree arc in front of the torch.

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Then the adjacent bubble surfaces would be circular arcs concave upward.

First a straight ascension path, second a circular arc, and finally a straight vertical drop.

We say that two vertices of a graph are uniquely connected if there is precisely one arc that connects them.

We point out that our graphs are usually called directed graphs without multiple arcs or digraphs.

Thus, elemental carbon was released from the electrodes during arcing.

This intersection is an arc of a great circle whose endpoints lie on this meridian.

Moreover, we cannot have invariant arcs or closed curves in a compact invariant phối if f / is expansive.

The geometric tracking method does not change the general effect of the circular arc feet.

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Furthermore, these arcs would have to tướng be updated as the underlying database was changed or updated.

Each vignette is vividly contextualized, but a larger historical arc that would unify the profiles fails to tướng emerge.

Dicyanopolyynes were produced by glowing the carbon arc in liquid nitrogen.

The circuit cover problem for mixed graphs (those containing edges and/or arcs) is defined as follows.

Simple generation and detection of polyynes in an arc discharge between graphite electrodes submerged in various solvents.

While tên miền reduction ensuring arc- or hyperarc consistency is relatively simple for indexing over discrete variables, the case of continuous variables is much less explored.

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