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The plant produces capsules of abundant seeds but also reproduces vegetatively.

The fruit is a bumpy capsule about 3 millimeters long.

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Fruit is a dry capsule with glossy Black seeds.

The flotation system, which was immediately triggered, kept the capsule afloat.

The capsule is a soft tissue envelope that encircles the glenohumeral joint.

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The candidates were sent to tát a damage-control training facility, where they learnt to tát escape burning space capsules and sinking helicopters.

The agency has been commanded to tát build a new, heavy-lift rocket and a new space capsule -- that's $3 billion a year.

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It is modifying the suit to tát function outside the space capsule as well, for a mission to tát an asteroid the agency hopes to tát launch sometime after 2020.

Compared to tát all that, creating the space capsule must have been a breeze.

It also reaches out to tát grab the arriving unmanned space capsules bringing supplies and science experiments to tát the space station.