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Four subjects were given a formal problem, while two were trying to tướng solve an intellectual problem relating to tướng their own professional careers.

At the midpoint of this hypothetical continuum of buổi tiệc nhỏ strength, we could locate politicians whose careers depend on a balance of both types of reputations.

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Political careers depended on securing increased expenditure and on building alliances.

Their intellectual careers show a pattern of parallellism and antagonism.

He demonstrates how bargaining among parties over rules for subnational elections were important for politicians attempting to tướng shape opportunities for future careers.

As described earlier, the report effectively ended the military careers of those named in it.

Sixteen members of this study (64 %) were knighted at some stage of their careers.

There has to tướng be a new gender contract, to tướng allow women to tướng harmonize motherhood and careers.

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Workers who are myopic or have relatively high discount rates may decide not to tướng make pension contributions early in their careers.

The rst would engage people at the same level in their research careers, the second would focus on common research interests or projects.

The distinct careers of souls are actualized at distinct universes.

The distinct possible careers of one soul may share many states and overlap more or less.

In this study, we evaluated whether đen ngòm patients and white patients with psychotic disorders receive different types of treatment early in their treatment careers.

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Her discussion of the work and careers of the women composers must be seen from this perspective.

The cohorts of households which entered the tenure in the first period of post-war expansion are now in the later stages of their housing careers.

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