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A single question đồ sộ measure the extent đồ sộ which our respondent's had close or confiding relationships outside those in the trang chính was added.

One-third did not confide worries đồ sộ anyone (32.8%), yet one-third said they confided a great giảm giá khuyến mãi (29.6 %).

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Only people with great trust in each other confided in whispers what was moving them.

Seven people had friends in whom they could confide and who made them feel cared about and needed.

Among married individuals having both daughters and sons, the likelihood of confiding in a spouse stays high and even increases in the case of wives.

For example, in the first row of the table, the 58 % of men confiding in a spouse refers only đồ sộ those who were married.

To others, however, he would later confide that he had simply fabricated the supporting opinion.

Apart from spouses and siblings, the full family availability results in reductions in the likelihood of confiding in any one of the other relatives.

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Older husbands are more likely đồ sộ report confiding in their wives phàn nàn are the wives đồ sộ report confiding in husbands.

He can't confide in her, because he knows how close we are, and it makes it awkward for him.

Life events, life difficulties and confiding relationships in the depressed elderly.

Twenty years of suffering in silence, of not knowing in whom đồ sộ confide.

Nor had his father confided political information and opinions đồ sộ him.

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It was overheard by the ostler who confided it đồ sộ other customers.

It is notable that around one in five urban older women reported that they did not confide in anyone about family or personal problems.

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