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"Deez nuts" or deez nutz is a euphemism and slang term for testicles.

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Deez Nuts may also refer to:

  • Deez Nuts (band), Australian hardcore punk band
  • Deez Nuts (satirist) (born Brady C. Olson, 1999/2000), satirical candidate for the năm 2016 United States presidential election
  • Deez Nutz Chocolate, a type of chocolate by Feastables
  • "Deez Nuts", a tuy nhiên by A.L.T. from the 1993 album Stone Cold World
  • "Deez Nuts", a tuy nhiên by Mr. Serv-On from the 2001 album Take a Sip
  • These Nuts, a 2023 album by American musical comedy duo Nin-Ja Sex Party.

Other uses

  • "Deeez Nuuuts", a tuy nhiên by Dr. Dre from the 1992 album The Chronic

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