drawing là gì

He started drawing at a very early age.

Unable đồ sộ go đồ sộ school as a child because of her epilepsy, she was home-schooled and spent much of her time drawing and painting.

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This distinction is an innovation of the modern era, drawing on different lines of development of the letter shapes in earlier handwriting.

In addition, these other drawing techniques required less effort and were more forgiving phàn nàn silver, which resists erasure and leaves a fainter line.

He is assumed đồ sộ have studied drawing and painting with his half-brother.

We have seen pictures of them, but what had those who first drew those pictures seen?

The 16 teams are randomly drawn into 8 first round ties.

He states that he began drawing at the age of 4.

Older machines were drawn by horse and were driven by a ground drive.

A win is worth two points, while a draw is worth one point.

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Attach đồ sộ frames with drawing pins, or use clipson aluminium structures.

His book certainly is serious, while frequently frivolous; it's a fascinating history of some of our most beloved items of stationery, including drawing pins, highlighter pens and staples.

A brussels sprout, cast in bronze, leans against a drawing pin on a tiny cardboard shelf -- somewhere between miniature football and national emblem.

There are old newspaper clippings, money and children's drawings pinned up around the room.

Glue this đồ sộ the top of the letter at the back and stick a drawing pin through the ribbon đồ sộ secure it.

That will be sufficient for most operational management, and will draw out the necessary funding and tư vấn.

He has discussed his use of white as a transportational device that allows him đồ sộ draw out the essential nature of his subjects.

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Often commissioned by their sitters, the genre is one that aims đồ sộ memorialize and edify, not đồ sộ draw out contradictions.

Used đồ sộ pull or draw out negative spirits or energies.

Although the competition is staged, dramatic emphasis can be utilized đồ sộ draw out the most intense reaction from the audience.