ethic là gì

She said that working with him was easy because of their work ethic.

Torch fishing thus provides women with reliable information on the work ethic of prospective mates, which makes it an honest costly signal.

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His work ethic and his passion for social psychology, sparked an interest in students towards that field.

The band is recognized for their work ethic, extensive touring history and high energy live show.

He scrapes by on day labor and a short-term work ethic.

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The show features interviews and produced segments covering the world of religion, spirituality and ethics.

His main subjects include the study of ethics and political philosophy.

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He is a speaker on criminal law, ethics, and professionalism.

A code of ethics for professionals ensured that the public receiving the service was well served and phối guidelines for their behavior in their professions.

The case also became the focus of an important debate over privacy and medical ethics.