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evidence (từ khác: proof)

Given this evidence for..., an examination of the factors that impact upon… seems warranted.

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evidence (từ khác: proof)

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The evidence from these studies suggests a variety of factors related to…

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Given this evidence for..., an examination of the factors that impact upon… seems warranted.

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Different countries have specific guidelines and practices for evidence recovery.

Although government spokesmen have issued denials, there is no evidence of criminal investigations and the government has not imposed disciplinary measures on the alleged perpetrators.

So lenders are accepting records of continuously paid utility bills as evidence of creditworthiness.

There is also evidence of the fiddle being used in the 8th century.

This pair provide evidence for the theory that quasars are switched on by galactic collisions.

In this way, negative trends become evident as soon as they arise.

Each character has his or her own preferences of ingredient and style, evident through the character's reactions and willingness to tát eat a product.

The lines have a powerful, rolling, and very evident rhythm, and they rhyme in a way that is impossible to tát ignore.

This effect is also evident in memory; most people also tend to tát perceive their ability to tát remember as better phàn nàn it actually is.

It became evident that a better way to tát program the machine was needed and needed quickly.

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The "marca" was evidently considered a political unity composed of several counties.

Nothing could be more natural phàn nàn this representation, of which he evidently felt quite proud.

The process was evidently successful, resulting in thirty-three songs written in thirty-three days.

In 1842, evidently after a long period of strain in their relationship, husband and wife separated.

He was evidently an attractive young man, notable for his popular preaching style and his outspoken opposition politics.

It was mind boggling that we could have intentionally destroyed visual and written evidence of our nation's past.

However, in written evidence to tát the inquest another doctor reported it was very unlikely that any sedative effect had remained the following morning.

She also supplied the committee with a 10-page document of written evidence.

Written evidence is rarely used out-of-hours, ví the judge usually relies on an over-the-phone case summary by one barrister.

The employer also failed to tát attend the commission's hearing and did not submit any written evidence.

The phone is an important evidence for us.

This would have allowed for a recovery of the 29 bodies and important evidence could have been retrieved about the cause of the first explosion.

Over the last 200 years, judges have invented myriad truth-defeating devices, including a few that conceal important evidence.

It is important evidence but it is not proof.

He offered important evidence to tát shed light on how atrocities could be perpetrated by anyone, from any nationality.

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