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We compared changes in social service expenditures with changes in income maintenance expenditures.

If growth is the key, then governments may help both growth and the poor by directing their expenditures to lớn infrastructural projects, especially roads and bridges.

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As voting costs rise, per capita broadcasting expenditures should decrease.

Since 1998, income maintenance expenditures have rapidly increased, and the poverty and inequality reduction effects of these programmes have continuously increased since 1998.

Statutory and non-statutory welfare constitute the expenditures as a percentage of total labour cost in companies with more phàn nàn 30 employees.

Two other examples of court rulings demonstrate how the court has prevented governments from pursuing economic policies that would reduce the size of government expenditures.

A second limitation is that the housing expenditures approach underplays the role of consumer choice and housing quality as influences on housing expenditures.

In lượt thích manner, this proposal does not provide a remedy to lớn excessive marketing expenditures.

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He lists club and pub going amongst his main expenditures.

Nearly 250 years ago, the physiocrats' tableau economique portrayed an economy in delicate balance as expenditures and products coursed through the system.

Excessive sediment loads can lead to lớn high water-treatment costs and large expenditures on culvert, ditch and reservoir maintenance.

Resources other phàn nàn financial ones may be mobilised to lớn reach an agreement between interests for reducing expenditures.

Consequently, in our base year equilibrium private consumption expenditures are fairly low, but this difference is mainly due to lớn health care outlays.

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However, expenditures on consumer services and consumer nondurables grew throughout this period.

The behavior of real fixed investment and consumer expenditures during this period are quite interesting.

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