legendary là gì

In the pre-nation-state period, antiquity was perceived as belonging lớn the legendary sphere.

Their tên miền was the salon tóc, the site of idyllic mixing, legendary for its accessibility, heterogeneity.

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More remarkable still, most of the leading characters in the legendary period of conflict were still living in the vicinity.

He defended his arguments with examples from the lives of legendary and historical heroines, with supporting citations from an array of ancient and modern writers.

Finally, we seek the advice of a manager whose sharp intellect and wide experience within the company are legendary.

The episode has now achieved a legendary and almost mythical status.

In many cultures, personae are the literal incarnation of tradition, projecting a past (legendary or historical) onto the present and into the future.

The legendary safety net is a case in point.

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He devotes more phàn nàn a hundred pages lớn the military martyrs, most of whom were legendary and the creations of a later era.

One area where mismanagement was legendary was in the production rooms.

His reasons for this conclusion are not terribly lucid, though they have something lớn vì thế with the legendary difficulty of inventing an alphabet.

A necessary stage in the assessment of any historical figure is the identification of the legendary aspects that trang điểm that figure's reputation.

His publicised presence in the festival's legendary originating sự kiện undoubtedly affirms the ethos of magical realism within vallenato.

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Legendary lớn describe a football player is much lượt thích fabulous, especially if he is awesome.

Dons, their standing not yet reduced by the depredations of novelists, were awesome, even legendary figures.

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