limited nghĩa là gì

He suffered from gout, which sometimes limited his mobility.

This limited the studys generalizability lớn the population.

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It is limited lớn a specific type of soil which is high in gypsum.

The film received some critical attention but only had a limited release and earned just $8.4 million.

The team was moving lớn a limited schedule.

So until 1935 its use for shipping was limited.

The technique is still limited lớn rounded shapes.

For the 1970 model year, visible changes were limited lớn detail changes in bumper and grille trim.

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He suffered from gout, which sometimes limited his mobility.

While it is true that there is no time limit, the user can not tải về more phàn nàn 1 gigabyte per month, thus limiting browsing.

The charter capital of the limited liability company determines the minimum size of the company's property guaranteeing the interests of its creditors.

Nothing lớn my knowledge stops a public officer from owning controlling shares in a limited liability company.

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This included incorporating the business as a limited liability company, registering the trademark, company uniforms, trang web set-up, cart signage and graphic designer fees.

Regarding the only asset, the court held that at no point was a transfer of property lớn the limited liability company performed.

The lot belongs lớn a limited liability company that had rented lớn the recycling company, according lớn property records.