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They soon realize that the gold and jewelry are nhái, and they leave her locked up behind the wall.

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Usually one side has a track-type threading (with lock ring), and the other side is threaded for a single-speed standard freewheel.

These have been described as the remains of locking staples used vĩ đại prevent witches stealing the holy water.

The twin driving lights remained, as did the bonnet locks.

It operated until 1962, and was then replaced by a new elevator and a lock.

That combination lock means, of course, that there are no keys vĩ đại lose.

The ngân hàng officials were left stunned vĩ đại see the front portion of the machine damaged and its combination lock tampered with.

Bypass attacks involve physical manipulation of the bolt mechanism directly, bypassing the combination lock.

You think of a combination lock, it just has three numbers, but infinite possibilities.

With a little educated guesswork, the combination lock could be broken in short order.

The parish lock-up is believed vĩ đại have been built late in the 18th century.

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On the interim, there are about six vehicles including the truck, and several lock-up stores that were burnt.

The inferno, which started at 2.30a.m., engulfed the four flats in the building, including lock-up stores.

The practice leads investors vĩ đại move out from new products quickly after the lock-up period.

He spent a long time in lock-up awaiting trial, and after trial was sentenced vĩ đại two years and six months imprisonment.

The rollers also have safety locks that prevent the doors from jumping of the tracks.

A safety locking system on both bale cages provides "peace of mind", when venturing out on the public road.

Safety locks prevented separation until this tốc độ and height were reached and both pilots had an unlocking handle, both of which had vĩ đại be pulled vĩ đại cause release.

Prosecutors said the morphine was kept out of the infant's reach and both the liquid and pill containers had safety locks.

The firing is electronically controlled with safety locking and braking together with a mechanical backup.

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