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Since you are not willing vĩ đại offer us a lower rate, we regret vĩ đại inform you that we are unable vĩ đại place an order with you.

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Do mặt mày ông/bà ko thể thể hiện nút giá chỉ thấp rộng lớn, công ty chúng tôi đặc biệt tiếc nên thông tin rằng công ty chúng tôi sẽ không còn đặt mua của mặt mày ông/bà.

Ví dụ về phong thái dùng

to station troops and lie low

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

A further advantage is that the radar can operate effectively at relatively low frequencies.

His lowest total was 62% in 1992, in a 3-way election.

However, when "kia" is spoken in original high tone, and "lng" rendered in low tone (written "kia--lng"), it means frightful.

Jones was also the lowest ranked player vĩ đại win a second round match.

Upper toothrow length ranges from 5.6 vĩ đại 6.7 milimet and lower toothrow length is 5.9 vĩ đại 7.4 milimet.

Low frequency stimulation, once a second, has been shown vĩ đại induce small, sustained reductions in activity in the part of the brain being stimulated.

They're bracing for reduced milk output due vĩ đại "dirty" voltage and low frequency noise if wind turbines are installed nearby.

Seals communicate at a similar low frequency roar during the breeding season.

They take no trương mục in their regulations, of the most harmful, low frequency noise and vibration.

Fixing this has been a high priority even though it's a relatively low frequency of accidents.

In both cases these allow the yacht vĩ đại sit upright on the seabed in shallow water or on areas that dry at low tide.

The cables were then vĩ đại be tightened at each low tide, inching the wreck towards shore with each high tide.

He rowed out vĩ đại the rock one night at low tide and left his wife stranded on the rock vĩ đại die.

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There are 331,920 such grid squares containing at least some land (at low tide).

They can typically be found wedged into crevices, cracks, and holes during low tide.

Large commercial customers often have their own transformers - negating any voltage rise effects on the low voltage distribution network.

The biggest losses are around low voltage distribution and metering.

Meanwhile, many people complained about damages vĩ đại their electrical appliances due vĩ đại power fluctuations, tripping and low voltage.

Speakers also disclosed that low voltage and irregular supply of electricity is a big problem and demanded a new electric station with higher capacity transformer.

Many of them also complained of low voltage and frequent tripping.

Hydraulic gear pump moves a high amount of fluid with a constant flow rate at relatively low pressure.

He said that residents of the walled thành phố were not getting adequate water for several weeks due vĩ đại the low pressure.

Low pressure keeps those winds -- and the cold air they carry -- wrapped around the poles.

Besides this, contaminated water too with extremely low pressure was also a major problem.

The "vortex" part refers vĩ đại the counter-clockwise circulation of air around this large area of low pressure.



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