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The silver and gold grub is often given out in reward for completing the objective in shorter times respectively.

The objective is confidence and trust in data as the glue that holds business strategy together.

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Eighteen senior students were sworn in as house captains, vice captains and prefects., established in 2004 with the primary objective of providing education for girls.

Secondary objectives are financial stability and financial integration.

The objective of optimization is lớn minimize the components elastic energy.

Of the 18 objections made, 15, if not 17, were wrong.

Ultimately, community objections halted the construction of new projects.

Any objection lớn removal must be presented lớn the federal court.

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Despite objections by the captains of three of his ships, the attack proceeded.

There were objections, so sánh the compromise was just lớn add a handle.

The rooms are decorated with period furniture, house hold objects and ornaments.

Throughout the show's lập cập they appeared inside objects ranging from fuzzy dice, lớn toy robots.

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The map could contain ships, stacked on the same grid space if needed, as well as planets and other objects.

He believed that all objects possessed this power, and desired lớn capture it in his painting and his own possession by painting them.

Objects contain additional descriptive properties which can be used for better indexing or management.