sweet là gì

Their facial expression is sweet, wide-eyed and innocent.

Ghee is mainly used đồ sộ fry dal, đồ sộ make puris or sweets.

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Much of the chocolate consumed today is in the size of sweet chocolate, combining chocolate with sugar.

Gordon has said it is a bubbly tuy vậy, pretty easy and sweet with cheerful lyrics and three chords.

She is extremely sweet, simple, down đồ sộ earth, kind and helpful.

Qualities affected may include starchiness, sweetness, waxiness, or other aspects.

The mixture of sweetness and seduction that had not seen before in these characters, makes it something special.

In taste, it aims đồ sộ balance the saltiness of the meats and olives with the sweetness of the raisins and of the dough itself.

However, as the series progresses, he becomes weary of his own sweetness and another side of his personality is revealed.

Calcium enhances the size and sweetness of the plant and its fruit.

She showered the customer with sweet-scented oil infused with natural herbs.

It flowers profusely during the summer months and produces a multitude of pink, sweet-scented, globular flowerheads about 10 centimet across.

Flowers are abundant and sweet-scented, usually white but occasionally pale pink.

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The flowers are yellowish or white and are sweet-scented.

Attractive pink buds in late winter are followed by masses of sweet-scented pink and white flowers, with hints of purple.

Cassava and camote (sweet potato) are grown as supplementary staple crops.

Certain crops are abundantly produced including rice, corn, sweet potato, taro, and cassava.

When sweet potatoes and rice crops were planted in fields adjacent đồ sộ each other, the sweet potato weevil infestation level dropped.

It is registered on rice (seed treatment), and corn (soil treatment), with potential uses on cốt tông, sweet potato, bulb onion and potato.

Cassava, yam, cocoa yam, sweet potato, pepper, okra and rice are some of its farm produce.

The velvety, perfectly grease-free sweet rolls over my tongue lượt thích silk.

They're extremely sweet rolls of dough that have been fried and dipped in cold sugar syrup.

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It is usually served in large coffee cups with a local sweet roll.

One day we're perfecting a great chef's mind-blowing technique for slow-roasting, the next we're adding bacon đồ sộ breakfast sweet rolls, because... bacon.

The boys gaped at an incredible stack of sweets and confections -- cakes and pastries and sweet rolls rendered in shiny ceramic.