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It has disproved the notion that elderly patients cannot understand a philosophical concept such as existential well-being.

Transitions vĩ đại caregiving, gender, and psychological well-being : a prospective us national study.

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Both of these subscales are scored sánh that high scores indicate greater psychological well-being and vitality.

The impact of singing on children's psychological state and well-being was investigated with a participant population of 76 pre-pubertal children.

Singing seemed vĩ đại influence their psychological well-being and mental states significantly.

Other studies indicate that the quality of trang chính and work roles intersect in important ways vĩ đại predict well-being.

His evaluation of person i's well-being is unlikely vĩ đại be the same as someone else's evaluation of i's well-being.

Unlike utility, well-being is not necessarily related vĩ đại the ordering on the basis of which the person chooses.

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The associations of individual variation in well-being with both a person's ' temporal commitment ' vĩ đại the area and vĩ đại facets of their social integration are analysed.

Positive coping strategies - albeit not associated with symptoms - may be stronger associated with other dimensions of well-being.

Other critics go further, and say that the challenge model is inimical vĩ đại human well-being.

And how soon should the new advances be adopted and applied for the well-being of the individual, the family, and the population at large?

One may be able vĩ đại successfully increase one's own wellbeing without increasing, and possibly decreasing, the well-being of others.

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Anything that worsens a population's economic well-being has the effect of increasing vulnerability vĩ đại disease as well as vĩ đại external pressures.

However, the expenditure curve cannot continue falling indefinitely, but reaches a point where well-being is critical.

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